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Monday, 21 February 2011

Psilocybe Larvae - Stigmata

When you put on "Stigmata" the first album from Russian Psilocybe Larvae, you’re met
by a classical intro, which immediately shows the bands great musical talents. It is hard
not to fall in love with the combination of black/dark/manic depressive metal and neoclassical
beauty. The mixing of vocals from brutal black metal to deep evil voice of damnation, is
so fitting and sounds otherworldly.

"Stigmata" is a great album, far overreaching the average band. I predict a most
glorious carrier for this band. Psilocybe Larvae is a deeply fascinating band mixing
brutality, darkness and harmonious beauty in a way that would make many
of the much more famous melodic Scandinavian death and black metal bands
drop their jaws in awe. Some of the parts are so moving and deep that even
Beethoven must surely turn over in his grave...

The song "The Mystery" is a masterpiece of classical music with folk inspiration, I
just love it to bits. From start to end, "Stigmata" is a truly awesome and inspiring album,
the band instantly became a personal favorite of mine. Finally a band that doesn’t sound like
50 other bands, even the sound is awesome, raw and untamed,  but never sounding muddled.

It it easy to hear what the band is playing, though playing it obviously would require
and immense amount of talent and skill. The music is multi-layered and complex, but you
will not need to be a genius to appreciate it. Stigmata is simply one of the best
classic inspired albums in many, many years. I am awestruck!

Review by Nicolai Olsen

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