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Monday, 21 February 2011

Psilocybe Larvae - Agony

First time I heard the intro song on the album "Agony" I was hypnotized. It's one
of the most moving intros I have heard in a long time, perhaps ever. The harmony is
almost horrifically perfect reminding me of the paper thin line between Agony and bliss...
One of my all time  favorite intros for sure.

The music is dark and shredding, with great black metal vocals to accompany it
The melodies are not forgotten at all though and "Agony" certainly lives up the what I have
come to expect from this band. The bands talent is very noticeable right away and they only
seem to get better as time passes.

I love the way they will totally surprise you, using instruments such as flutes with awesome skill and sense of harmony, and the sudden shifts in tempo and never lose a beat. The guitar solos are truly magnificent, as is the riffing in general. It is melodic, progressive, epic, dark, brutal, shredding, and beautiful all at once with inspiration from things such as black metal, neoclassical music, folk and more.

The only thing that bothers me (and only a little at that) is the drum sound.
The drummer is great, he is just sometimes a bit low and hard to hear, but that is the only
slightly-less-than-awesome thing on this album, and does not make me want to hear it
any less. "Agony" is such a great album, and my only regret is that I have not heard of this band years ago. A great follow up for the previous album "Stigmata", and another pearl in the collection.

Review by Nicolai Olsen

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