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Monday, 21 February 2011

Psilocybe Larvae - Non-Existence

This awesome band from Russia, Psilocybe Larvae has now made 3 albums and show their
skills once more as a great metal band. The music is dark, sinister, with both melodic and
brutal riffs, but manages at the same time to keep it fresh and innovating as always. They
do not sound like other bands and never has, achieving as usual to sound totally unique
making them even more interesting, quite aside from their awesome musical skills and
sound. They have once more managed to create a pearl of an album.

It is hard to pick my favourite song on “Non-Existence”, all the songs have something new
to offer the listener, and the more you hear them the more things you realize are in it.
The music has so many layers, it is almost overwhelming, but it never gets boring hearing it.
The title of the album is well chosen, as the lyrics circle around that subject in various
aspects, with titles such as "Cold Desert of Eternity" and "Non-Existent World".

The music has all that you could wish for from Psilocybe Larvae, with beauty and
darkness mixed together to create a wide range of awesome and varied songs, that only
seems to get better and better the more you hear them. It also complements the themes
of the lyrics perfectly, deepening the feeling of oblivion and emptiness. “Non-Existence
is the 3rd album in the history of the band, and I can Only recommend them to everyone, no
matter what kind of metal you normally hear. They already become one of my favorite bands,
one I never hesitate to listen to at any time. Truly impressive music!

Review by Nicolai Olsen

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