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Friday, 18 March 2011

Seasons of Pain - Psycho Bitch

The element known as "Death Metal" is by far not rare, but when it is as pure as
Seasons of Pain is, its true glory shines through with undiminished power.
Raw, Infectuous and really Freakin' Heavy "Psycho Bitch" is a real treat for all who
appreciates the true glory of Old school Death Metal...\\M//

Excellent riffing and drumming, combined with Pitbull strength vocals, and influential roots spanning way across death metal and continuing deeper and deeper into the good old Hard Rock Legends, really makes them stand out among the ever-growing horde of death metal bands.

Seasons of Pains Release "Psycho Bitch" is a shredding, hardcore, no-bullshit old school death metal CD delivered with the skill, attitude and wisdom of hardened death metal veterans. The music is very varied and the splendid riffs keeps your head and body moving without any conscious thought, just as the drums and bass keeps the heart-rate at a nicely high beat, flashingly interwoven with great solos and nifty little bridgeworks that really puts the icing on the cake, making it a royal feast indeed.

"Psycho Bitch" is an awesome Old school death release with everything a fan could want and more!! Buy it now! Own it before your neighbour!\\M//

Review by Nicolai Olsen

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  1. Amazing metal...amazing band....

  2. Nicolai said it perfectly!!! Seasons of Pain is The Best metal band out there by far! And the coolest guys in the business!

  3. !HAILS!
    We wish to post here as we have said on our Facebook posts, we thank our friend Nicolai Olsen for such a great interview !!! We are SO honored Nico \m/ !!!
    We also thank our friends for the great comments !!! Thank you so very much Jan Kollenstart and Kimberly Box !! We are honored and flattered tremendously.
    It is great reviews and comments such as these that inspire us to strive harder and all that we have worked for to be worth it !

    THANK YOU !!!
    Yours In Metal Eternally \m/ \m/
    -Keith, Shaw, Josh, Joe, Bone

  4. Hello to our great friend Nicolai \m/ ! I am stopping by to wish you well and say hellos from the guys. We wish you and your family the very best 2012 !

    Keith for Shaw, Joe & Bone
    The Metal Union / Metal Union productions